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Build a tiny Download Helper to assist people downloading your files. From a single 5MB file, to several GB sized files, it can download whatever your users need to get from you. All in a tiny, under-350K EXE file--a single screenshot on your webpage can be bigger than that! (Screenshots & Samples)

GetRightToGo is a tool for software developers, websites, affiliates, and businesses to build customized file download applications. It lets you build a small custom program that downloads your files. Your users would download and run a small file built by GetRightToGo. The downloader shows your graphics and names and downloads the full file for them! With full download resuming, and much more. GetRightToGo Examples

Simple forms will let you build a downloader in just minutes. All without programming and without changing anything about your website, server, or files. Or choose the more advanced options to create a totally customized user interface for your downloader!

Your custom download manager can use your own names and graphics (Websites Using GetRightToGo). It can show ads, promotions, coupons, or anything else you want. It can help you accurately track your downloads. Your download manager will be built with GetRight's proven download technology which has been used by millions of people for billions of file downloads worldwide. Download the Builder Tool and try it out for yourself!

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Benefits for:

Game Developers and Distributors

Shareware Authors

Software Developers

Media File Distributors



Anyone who wants to make More Money


5/5 rating at Tucows


    GetRightToGo vs GetRight

GetRightToGo is a distribution tool for businesses and websites.
People looking for a download manager should use GetRight or GetRight Pro

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